Words + Images

A personal project

When given the opportunity to design ANYTHING (without client-parameters or the need to make money from the project), the proposition is sometimes overwhelming and I’m paralyzed by the abundance of creative freedom. In order to extricate myself from a design rut, I came up with a personal project to exercise the design and language muscles.

The concept here was to create a sort of visual dictionary of obscure words + found imagery, constrained within a square format with simple typography. I became obsessed with words + images. I scoured through 17,000 rare and esoteric words. I searched through thousands more photos to find perfect images (collected from free and public domain sources, personal pics, and purchased stock photography) to evoke the meanings of the 26 (new-to-me) words, which I’d acquired a fondness for. Once this process started, I contracted zelotypia.

The images are provocative in their own right… but when combined with an unusual word, I feel the visual becomes more powerful.