The Goal
Go Beyond Racing,
who produces challenging, top-notch races in the PNW, needed a logo and event branding for a new race they were adding—the Lake of Death 24-Hour Relay—to their collection of NW trail and ultra races. Their only requirement was the incorporation of a red skull.

The Solution
I incorporated a skull drawing with zombiesque type treatments to create a memorable emblem which they could use for promoting across various marketing channels, on race signage, and on runner incentives – such as T-shirts, temporary tattoos, and finisher medals. The printed and online pieces evoked the quasi-spooky, humorous and campy feel and eluded to the future “I’m deliriously tired and laughing at myself because I’m peeing in the woods at 3am” experience. It’s truly a unique event needing a unique flavor to appeal to ultrarunners and motley crews of all-night relay runners alike.

Looks great! We all love this! It looks fantastic. Thank you!” 
– Renee Seker Janssen, Co-Owner of Go Beyond Racing