The Goal
The owner of Happy Horse Of Course wanted an logo that conveyed her friendly and approachable style of English riding and natural horsemanship training without being too stuffy or formal.

The Solution
I designed the new logo by customizing a whimsical typeface, with a bit of Portland charm and flavor, to differentiate her from other high-brow equestrian instructors. The client reports that the new identity resonates with her adult clients, and appeals to aspiring junior riders and summer camp riders alike.

Words from the Client
Karen immersed herself in the equestrian field and studied other comparable businesses and their logos. She deeply understood what I wanted to convey with this logo and came up with a truly fitting and unique design. After the logo was added to my website, I have received great feedback from clients and my business has increased. I strongly recommend Karen and know she will exceed your expectations.” 

– Julia Mattson, Owner of Happy Horse Of Course and Professional Horse Trainer