Karen Wang Design is now... Portland Design Scout!

Portland Design Scout is a graphic design and creative consulting company in the magnificent Pacific Northwest, where inspiration can be found anywhere – one need only stay curious, be observant, and consider how these elements work together in the context of design.

A scout surveys the cultural, digital, and physical landscape for ideas and possibilities; Maps out a course, but is adept to finding alternate routes. A scout is prepared and organized. A creative problem solver, resourceful and resilient. Independent, yet collaborative. Trustworthy. Helpful. Loyal. Honest.

As a Design Scout, I strive to approach the design process and serve clients with these noble characteristics. Scout’s Honor.


Design and relationships

“I love design. I love it when something is well-designed. I love the process of getting there. I love the interesting failures along the way. I love that I have the opportunity to earn a living designing things…” – to steal borrow the words of a sage, yet irreverent design icon.

I believe design that elevates communication and deepens our experience of the world is a worthwhile and fascinating pursuit.

As a professional designer, I use design to solve business problems.

With my expertise and creative perspective, let me help you develop unique identities, effective print pieces, and online messaging tailored specifically for your customers, products, and events – whether this is through logo design and business cards, marketing campaigns, or a website. And in the process, I hope we grow a lasting relationship.

My strengths include the ability to listen, understand and define client goals for a project; To offer creative problem solving, thoughtfulness and integrity in every endeavor; To employ a refined sense of design, Photoshop moxie, flawless execution, meticulous typography and layout skills. I have your business’ best interests in mind and am dedicated to the success of your project.

Kind Words From Clients